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Persona Digital - Book Publisher and Music Studio

Persona Digital has two personalities: a book publisher and a music composing and recording studio. Persona Digital Publishes a series of books on current topics in psychology, sociology, neuroscience and philosophy. The Persona Books Catalogue has migrated to Alpha Online where you will find detailed book descriptions with links to order pages.

Persona Digital Music Studio

We like to discuss music, play with music theory and explore new ideas and techniques for music composition. We have many years of experience with computer based sound recording and enjoy technology shop talk. We also have a well developed interest in how our brains process sounds and have generated a number of interesting psychoacoustic effects. Our in house music production creates audiophile quality recordings presented as CD's, DVDs, and singles and albums for Download.

Some Music Releases

Bach Favorites
Counterpoint for Genius
Shorter & Zawinul Album
Miles Lineage
Dance Music
Persona Digital P2500 Dance Party

Digital Bach for the 21st Century are recordings derived from the complete works of JS Bach, edited, transcribed and arranged for synthesizer by Stephen Gislason and recorded at Persona Digital Studio. The project began in 2006, revised recordings have been issued for 2015.

See Counterpoint for Genius

Persona Digital Book List

Book orders are fulfilled by Alpha Online, a companion website. Printed books are shipped to all destinations in Canada and USA. Prices are listed in Canadian dollars. US $ cost is lower and depends on the daily dollar exchange rate. Click Add to Cart buttons to begin and order for mail delivery (US and Canada). Printed books are shipped to all destinations in Canada and USA. All books can be downloaded as PDF files. Click the Download buttons to order eBooks for download. Pay by Pay Pal for immediate download. Click the book titles to read topics from each book.

Human Nature
The Good Person
Pieces of the Puzzle
The Sound of Music
Surviving Human Nature
Language and Thinking
I and Thou
Emotions and Feelings
Neuroscience Notes
Human Brain in Health and Disease
Children and Family
Intelligence and Learning
Religion for 21st Century

Listen to Music Samples

Listen to Air on a G String, JS Bach

Listen to Born on a Bayou - Credence Clearwater Revival

Listen to Gorge Harbor Blues- Stephen Gislason

Listen to Joshua- Miles Davis

Persona Music Recordings: Our Music Catalogue includes recorded performances by the P2500 Band, Em4U, and the Persona Classical Consort. Some music online is offered to illustrate music history, advance music education and appreciation. The recordings presented online demonstrate Persona Studio's arranging, recording and mastering techniques. All the recordings are arrangements and performances completed in house by Stephen Gislason. The music selections and their history are explained in the book, Sound of Music.

Topics presented at Persona Digital Studio are from the book,
The Sound of Music by Stephen Gislason

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See Persona Digital Books

Persona Digital Studio is located on the Sunshine Coast, Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada.
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