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Persona Digital has two personalities: a book publisher and a music composing and recording studio. Persona Digital Publishes a series of books on current topics in psychology, sociology, neuroscience and philosophy. The Persona Book Catalogue has migrated to Alpha Online where you will find detailed book descriptions with links to order pages. The author of the books and creator of the music recordings is Stephen Gislason.

Persona Books

The first book in this series, Human Nature, presents essential knowledge of human nature, a 21st century description of anthropology, neuroscience, sociology and psychology - disciplines that need to be integrated as they are in this book. The topics are essential to understanding human nature, its origins and its problems. You could treat each topic as module of a larger system that develops emergent properties as the modules interact. Each reader discovers the features of human nature in himself or herself and then discovers similar features in others. After you understand more about the dynamics of close relationships, you can look at larger groups. You can continue by applying your insights into human dynamics to governments, countries and international affairs. All the Persona Digital books describe the same dynamics but emphasize different vantage points, contributions from different disciplines and the needs of different readers. Taken together, the books provide a comprehensive understanding of human nature.

Music Studio

The Persona Studio is built for electronic music production. A distinction can be made between electronic recordings of musicians playing acoustic instruments into microphones and recordings of instruments that have audio outputs. As soon as an acoustic instrument's sound wave production in air is captured by a microphone, the music path is electronic until the electronic wave is returned to air waves by a speaker. We do have acoustic instruments and microphones at Persona Studio, but 90% of the music recorded here is produced by keyboards playing electronic instruments and other instruments such as electric guitars that have audio outs. The language of music communication among our instruments is MIDI. We have an advanced interest in how our brains process sounds and have generated a number of interesting psychoacoustic effects. Our in house music production creates audiophile quality recordings presented as CD's, DVDs, and singles and albums for Download.

Some Music Releases

Digital Bach for the 21st Century are recordings derived from the complete works of JS Bach, edited, transcribed and arranged for synthesizer by Stephen Gislason and recorded at Persona Digital Studio. The project began in 2006, revised recordings have been issued for 2015.

Counterpoint for Genius

Persona Studio

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 Air on a G String, JS Bach -Digital Bach

 Born on a Bayou - Credence Clearwater Revival - Rock & Roll

Little Linda (Spiro Gyra)- Jazz

Gorge Harbor Blues- Stephen Gislason  - Jazz

Joshua- Miles Davis - Jazz

 World Within - Em4U New Music